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Rio Grande Valley Cuisine
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Thursday, February 16th, 2006
10:11 am
Nueva Onda Poet's Cafe...
It's McColl and Rogers in Edinburg. It has great Mexican food and open mic poetry Saturday nights and live music/open mic on Fridays. Anyone interested should just drop in.
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
12:02 pm
PF Chang's is coming to the valley!!!!!

From the monitor

Thursday, December 29th, 2005
1:51 am
Recently I went to Denny's at Expressway 83 and Shary Road in Mission.

The food was okay, nothing that made me hate to eat it but nothing that made me take any notice. It seemed like an okay meal, until the bill came. 20 bucks for a sandwich and an omlet. Dang.

I didn't think anything of it just a lesson to be learned not to go back.

However, I had to go back and eat there yesterday because I didn't have a car, and no one was stopping anywhere else =(.

Again, bad/okay food but for too much money. I would have rather stayed home and reheated left overs. The only part of being there that was

enjoyable was seeing everyone back from college.


I'm excited about trying out the Chinese Food place by 495 and Shary Road.

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, November 24th, 2005
11:30 pm
OK I see this community hasn't updated for like the past 8 months but just wanted to post something since I just joined.... I noticed a post on Olive Garden.... one may open up in Edinburg... the owner of the hotel I work at is seriously thinking about opening one..., anyway... there's my two cents...

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, March 20th, 2005
7:06 pm
i like wendy's.
Sunday, February 27th, 2005
11:05 pm
can't believe i had to go through all this bs just to join this. stupid eli and his power trips and always wanting to be in control

here's a thing.

i went to eat chinese food at some buffet place and it sucked. it SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED. i mean sure i didn't pay for it since i'm poor and i never do and they paid for it but i probably coulda gotten the same taste from crap that came out of the garbage. i never want to eat chinese food ever again. and to top it off i saw no hot azn chicks.

there. btw eli thx for paying for my food and post the name of the restaurant because i can't remember and plzkthxbye

Current Mood: weight off my shoulders
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
4:47 pm
what's the deal with corn-nuts?

are they corn, or are they nuts?

Sunday, October 17th, 2004
2:34 am
Friday October 15th: The olive garden - mcallen
yo check this out.

So I go with a group of friends to the olive garden. Now, it starts off with us having to wait 30 minutes outside. that sucked. eventually we got in.

then we had a waitress who was pretty. she then took our orders. She didnt offer me wine. that sucked.

I ordered some chicken and wine thing. It was good. Then she took my glass of rasberry limonade and never gave it back. that sucked.

I then proceeded to hit on her. while the intentions were good, my flirting sucked. They sucked so much that a baby farted next to me (i swear its true).

The meal left me full without me being finished. yay.

overall I give it 6/10. it could have been better and i should have gotten laid but my friends were holding me back.

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